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Feel the beauty of Advancement.

Find your life inspirations in simple sayings because less sometimes means more and this very occasion allows to present their ultimate sophistication. We should always remember the following fact: what we think of ourselves is more important than what others think of us. Even the feeling of passion in our souls tells us to express more. We are the creative ones. The only barriers exist only inside us. We never change we just learn what is proper for us. We are who we are today because of the choices we made yesterday. We live a life we are proud of.

Summer is almost here. I am just standing among all of you smiling secretly and wearing this candy lipstick aimed at the entire world. This is what it looks like. With the greatest intention to express own satisfaction. Still obsessively searching for better things because when I discover that they are available then these good ones will be not enough. Just be motivated by a desire to achieve and you will have it all but always be thankful for everything that you own. Remember to believe in yourself and you will achieve greatness.

t2wojtas turns 37 on 28th June.



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