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The Prince Of Insufficient Lighting with one pair of arms being like another. Articles Of Virtu. Rendering age. Makeup on. Formal style with strong desire. Always smelling of magnificence. The real work of art without any hard modifications.

Only if you are able to understand the sense of blackness, treat life as the theatre. Thinking like others do, makes us all the same. In other words, I am not another toy in this mass. Nevertheless, I always have a purpose.

Self-assumed elegancy is another reminder to stay alive. Art opens minds, foolishness closes them. I am not another run-of-the-mill manipulator. I am an attention device which holds you. When you consider Me to be a bit of all right, I thank you in advance. Just to enjoy for the only one second a glimpse of beauty before passing away.
Try to put your best foot forward before it is too late.

Cruelty Free Beauty, red lips shining, the essence of something. Natural conditions are too boring to live with that is why I have decide to change them into a better place. Only through undergoing changes we are able to push forward our lives. We always have a choice. Actually, I discover the power of My spirit every single day. I was born to become The One. Being The One is a valuable skill. I carry this performance. You need someone like Me.

Supermodel and Artist

The only way to find oneself in success is constant progress and development of the inner self. Then discovering the real I throughout mind and heart at a time. It is the fact that there allegedly exist many words that can be used just to invent new conceptions of human description but the true personality is simply something that is beyond it. The charm of values and moments can be measured in the pressure they put. My preferences, tastes, choices lead to what I am. Without sacrifice, I would not be Myself.

With every read sentence your soul is closer to the truth.
Let's go.

Beautiful Love Does It Delicately

[I am MANY I am ONE
ADMIRE My World and Make Me STRONGER
VANQUISH Weaknesses Break The MOLD
Become a PERFECT Life Form]

I am
The Prince Of Insufficient Lighting

My makeup is the reflection of My artistic soul.

My mental attitude is responsible for My sophisticated image.

My unbridled ambition is the reason why I am immediately apparent.

My life is the side of the art which is self-explanatory. By and large artistic enterprise. This reclaims Me. Lovely vision - you know who, you know where. Without having done anything wrong, you came to see an unstoppable art machine.

I am
you will never be.

The substance of statement is the only thing to read. Every statement that you read is next second of your life. This is never-ending story. The more you have, the more you want. Here comes another one. Even though a letter starts to tear so there is only painful absence after all. Do not hesitate just confess till all My scars stop hurting Me. Do you know the red mark? On the surface it appears to be beautiful. Nothing hurts when the heart is gone. I will deliver the black side of My own I to your narrow mind with no strings attached.

The inseparable elements of My life are: makeup, fashion, art photography, music, the Internet, reading and writing, English language and culture. I find all My pleasure in it all. Learning as well as getting new skills are activities appreciated very much. Always interested in intellectual conversation. Generally, being fond of self-satisfaction.

Apart the above mentioned statements, some things that you see are far beyond your experience. The world you see in the photo is not manipulated. I am the creator of it. I am what I am. I acquire popularity. Not just like you. Like someone else, like celebrity. Facilities are art. This Me, Myself. Trying My hardest to believe in Me. Then, I believe in you. If you are a bunch of assholes, I do not want you. I will not adore you if you are a snob, too. Obscene kids do not understand this. I am not going to kowtow to the supreme authority. I wish I had more than two middle fingers. However, I am thankful for that.

I am
the connection of
My black and bright side
and the name.

Taking everything into consideration, the most important fact in this case is that I could feel something instead of nothing at all. I am a full-time demonstration. This is not like dragging you down, this is not another fake face. The view is based on a heavy dose of reality. This is My own proud style. You must grin and bear it. This is Me who draws the line. No more establishing. I do not give a damn what you think when you draw your own conclusion. Let Me do this instead of you. Eaten by your own fucking lust. You want to fly into My sun, you can never see where to run. Now I just stare into the sun. You do know My name.

Everything you consider to be almost like a work-of-art is not achieved during a moment of blinking. The effort and dedication go together as a result. People need to find their icons because it helps them with facing their own obstacles. Icons become their inspiration and the source of pleasure. It can be even perceived as the way of entertainment. We require it and we know we like it. The proper influence is the key to success.

I am the exquisite form with sparkling diamonds on My head.
My forms and shapes merge into the style.

I may be nothing. I may be everything. I may be the one.
I may be among the ones. Surely I am the one that you love.
There is nothing left to add to this sincere flattery. 

Valuable moment is worth remembering
I am this very while.

Listen to your conscience.
Follow your heart.
Believe in yourself.

We are all beautiful.
Each one of us differs.
We love to be just like those on the covers.

Red is the colour of beauty.
Black is the colour of t2.


True artists know their worth and they may boast about that only in suitable conditions. In effect, such behaviour makes them eminent because the thoughts hidden inside make a magic aura. The happiness and mental attitude merge together. I step in this world. It affects My soul. My glow and diamonds stand for the beauty and heady perfume. The distinctiveness of My person undergoes shaping in every minute. That looks surprisingly exquisite. The seductiveness belongs to the time when we look at each other's eyes and say what we want to hear. Pronounced words like photographs describe the beauty of simple feelings and sensation. Conveyed message arouses our perception of reality. Thus, all the symptoms of that state can easily be found in the picturesque images. That is the one of many factors that leads to creation. Tunefullness is not alone. I do not limit Myself because everything in this world is for us - people. We should invariably take advantage of all the things that we possess as well as we should not hesitate whether to step on the unknown ground or not. I do believe in a constant development so I spread My wings and I do whatever I find My
pleasure in. One life, one body, one mind - shaping is My decision.

The look magnificently stands for elegance. Obviously, I get along with Myself. My existence is another reminder of an inspiration to all who strive to overcome personal obstacles for the goal of achieving greatness.

I consist of black colour and perfect makeup. I am just t2.

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