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High Design

This image is High Design

My plastic face glows perfectly just because I am made of many highlighters. This supernatural feature gives Me permission to increase the quality of My own beauty expression.

2021 is about to begin soon. 2020 allowed Me to gain new skills that made Me proud of Myself for how far I have come. I realised a lot of My life goals because I am the reflection of the standards I set for Myself. As a matter of fact, 2020 has been a perfect time in My life and I secretly hope the forthcoming year will be better. I just want everything that is really important to Me and responsible for creating the most charming memories.

The forthcoming year is another chance to show the world what the one can do. So strive for more, be really good, listen to your inner self and follow your heart. Smile whenever you can and become what you have always wanted.

Loving yourself comes first above everything else.

Life is what you make it.

Get ready for 2021.



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