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Ultra Artistry

This is how I present Myself.

Happy New Year 2021. This stands for new time and new possibilities.

Acting, showing, posing. This is where I belong and how I see Myself. Perfection is not a goal, it is just the road required to become the best example of a supermodel. Since everything we go through grows us and makes us stronger and whatever we believe about ourselves on the inside is what we will manifest on the outside. Thus, we should always value our uniqueness. Moreover, the greatest comfort in it all is being able to look over the shoulder and see the right things that we did to the world by that.

The newest artwork looks really amazing. However, with every new picture I still surprise Myself. I know I can appreciate real beauty and this allows Me to maintain My sense of individuality. What is more, there exists an infinite number of ways to express ourselves without repeating any imposed patterns. In this case, I just follow aesthetical changes required to shape the mold because I always aim high and it brings Me true satisfaction.

In 2021:

Be really good.

Hold on to whatever keeps you happy.

Love yourself for everything that you are.



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